Announcing Re-Boot Camp 2017!

Come spend a week in Montreal to learn new skills in the computational analysis of literature at McGill University’s .txtLAB. During five full-day classes you will gain hands-on experience in applying techniques from the world of natural language processing and text analysis, including machine learning, topic modeling, sentiment analysis, and social network analysis. The camp is geared towards faculty and graduate students, with no prior programming experience required.

The emphasis of the camp is twofold: 1) to provide you with a practical understanding of the R programming language including access to a variety of custom scripts for literary analysis; and 2) to learn how to develop computationally driven literary critical research. The camp will focus on the applied use of tools for the study of literature across a wide variety of scenarios. Applicants are encouraged to bring their own data and/or research questions. Scholarships for graduate students are available!

For more information check out our FAQ.