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Welcome to .txtLAB, a laboratory for cultural analytics at McGill University directed by Andrew Piper. We explore the use of computational and quantitative approaches towards understanding literature and culture in both the past and present. Our aim is to engage in critical and creative uses of the tools of network science, machine learning, or image processing to think about language, literature, and culture at both large and small scale.
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Congratulations to this year's students!

Congratulations to this year’s students!

We have had an excellent year at .txtLAB. I want to send out a special thanks to all of the students who have been contributing to the lab. You’ve made it a great place to work. Here is a list of projects that we’ve been working on this year: studying the ambiguity surrounding social interactions...
Congratulations to this year's .txtLAB interns!

Congratulations to this year’s .txtLAB interns!

The .txtLAB internship program held its end of the semester presentations this past week. Projects ranged from the study of prize-winning novels, comparisons of nineteenth-century histories, novels, and philosophy in three languages, the construction of an iPython notebook for reliably extracting social networks from novels, and finally a study of citation networks between supervisors and their...