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Welcome to .txtLAB, a laboratory for cultural analytics at McGill University directed by Andrew Piper. We explore the use of computational and quantitative approaches towards understanding literature and culture in both the past and present. Our aim is to engage in critical and creative uses of the tools of network science, machine learning, or image processing to think about language, literature, and culture at both large and small scale.
Posts tagged "Plot Modelling"
Validation and Subjective Computing

Validation and Subjective Computing

Like many others I have been following the debate between Matthew Jockers and Annie Swafford regarding the new syuzhet R package created by Jockers, which has been given a very nice storified version by Eileen Clancy. As others have pointed out, the best part of the exchange has been the civility and depth of replies,...
Modelling Plot: On the "conversional novel"

Modelling Plot: On the “conversional novel”

I am pleased to announce the acceptance of a new piece that will be appearing soon in New Literary History. In it, I explore techniques for identifying narratives of conversion in the modern novel in German, French and English. A great deal of new work has been circulating recently that addresses the question of plot structures within different genres...