AI and Literature – LLCU 301

If you’re interested in how NLP, AI, machine learning and computational language models are changing how we understand and study storytelling, then come check out my course LLCU 301. Blurb and time below.

AI and Literature

MW 11:35-12:55

How does the automated processing of language impact our understanding of literature? What can artifical forms of intelligence reveal to us about the nature of creative human expression? Moving from experiments in machine learning to contemporary AI-generated text, this course will take you through the ways data and automation are changing how we study literature and creative writing. Each week will combine foundational works in literary theory with new computational approaches to literary analysis. In doing so, we will traverse foundational questions such as: Why do humans tell stories? What are characters for? How do we navigate literary space? We will engage with cutting-edge methods in data science ranging from natural language processing, machine learning, social network analysis, and geographic information systems. The course will conclude with a series of experiments using new publicly-available AI text generation tools.